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“Stand in Your Own Power” ~ What does that really mean?

By October 5, 2016April 26th, 2017Reiki

Recently I had a client ask me “What does, ‘Own your own power,’ really mean?” Good question!

When we are spiritually asleep, we unconsciously give our power away to others. We react and blame the world for our experiences.

However, as we awaken and become more conscious, we take responsibility for all that happens in our lives. As we do this, we begin to own more of our personal power.

Ways in which we give our power away:

  1. by negatively reacting to someone or something
  2. to blame the outside world for what is happening to us
  3. to argue, scold or criticize
  4. to believe that things ‘just happen’ to us
  5. to belief that someone has power of us
  6. anger, frustration, jealousy, fear or any reactive emotion where we believe someone has ‘taken’ something from us or has something we ‘need’
Ways in which we own our power:
  1. take responsibility for everything we experience
  2. know we are not a victim to anyone or situation
  3. we are aware that we are co-creating our reality
  4. consistent reduction of self-judgment, self-criticism and self-blame
  5. being in charge of our own reality, not responsible for anyone else’s experience
  6. knowing that the outside world is a reflection of our inner world

There is a direct correlation between spiritual awakening and inner power. The more we stop giving away our power, the more quickly we can evolve on our spiritual path.

Home-play:  This is a biggie, a process so be gentle on yourself.

  • Pinpoint one outer disharmony that is being mirrored back to you.
  • Find the place of disharmony within you
  • Release the belief around it and bring in the new belief and/or energy that supports you ‘standing in your power’

This might be easier said than done so come on in for a healing if you need support with this.

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About Photo: This reminds me of Personal Power: Sunrise cloud in Boulder