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Join Us for Full Moon Retreat in Joyful Journey Hot Springs

By August 19, 2016April 26th, 2017Reiki

 Calling All Women!

I am exited to share with you that I will be a special guest as the priestess/spiritual alchemist at Sue Van Raes’s Full Moon Retreat, The Yoga of Eating. It will be held on Sept. 16-18th in Joyful Journey Hot Springs.

Sue is passionate about nutrition, food psychology and yoga. She has a mind-body approach to health and healing to find a perfect balance for you to flourish. She will incorporate all of her expertise in this retreat: daily yoga, workshops on connecting to the ‘wild woman’: powerful feminine energy; to learn to listen to and honor our natural rhythms of the cycles to eat in a nourishing way that honors the feminine. And of course, there will be lots of time to soak in the beautiful hot springs.

We will have wonderful organic, home cooked food prepared by Chef Bailey Ruskus.

I will be doing rituals, a group healing, a shamanic journey and Full moon ceremony. The day we arrive it will be the Harvest Full Moon and the 3rd of 3 eclipses in the space of one month, very rare!

The time in between eclipses (the first one happened Thur. night) can be very intense so a retreat at the end of this month, might be exactly what the doctor ordered!

Homework:  I’d like to invite you to join us on this retreat (first of many more to come!)

 If you are a woman click HERE for complete info.

 (Sorry guys, not this time, but there will be others where you will be more than welcome!)

About the photo:  Full moon rising over the Boulder prairie.