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Pointing The Finger Or Taking Responsibility?

By July 28, 2016April 26th, 2017Reiki

Which One Are You?
A big part of our healing happens when we leave victimhood behind. Adios to the stories that life is just happening to us; it’s not fair; we don’t like it.

When we do this, we Walk into a much more powerful and proactive place of taking responsibility for our own happiness.

We take an even bigger STEP forward when we begin to take full responsibility for any unhappiness occurring in our lives.

We take a LEAP forward when we look at this ‘unhappiness’, decide to take the bull by the horns and begin to make the changes we desire.

My client Christy reminded me yesterday of the brilliant phrase that says all of this perfectly:

You have to change your playthings, playmates, and playground
to change your future.

Homework: Take a quiet moment to reflect on something that you are unhappy about. Notice if you are blaming others or being a victim.

  • Take a step forward and take full responsibility for this.
  • Take a big leap forward now and meditate on what steps you are going to take to move into happiness.
  • Ask your guides and angels for guidance and support.
  • Follow through on your new awareness and enjoy the new energy of being responsible for the joy in your life.
  • Come in for a healing if you want more support with this.

I’d love to hear about your experiences on my blog.


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About Photo: This is a cloud, not fire! It seems full of passion for change. Bring it on!

Let your divine shine.