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Fabulous Manifestation Story Of Self-Love!

By July 20, 2016April 26th, 2017Reiki

Julie and I have been working together for 10 months. She is great about sharing her love, attention and beautiful spirit with others but often forgets herself, not feeling good enough in many areas of her life.

In last week’s healing session, her spirit asked her to say, “I am gorgeous.” She laughed and found it hard to but she did. Her homework was to say that mantra daily. She said she’d try.

When Julie arrived yesterday for her session, she showed me a text from her yoga teacher, who passed on a message from one of the men in her yoga class. He thought she was GORGEOUS! Julie couldn’t believe his choice of words: Gorgeous.

I reminded her that one of the many ways our guides and angels send us messages is though people we encounter.

Her healing yesterday really honed in on the need for more self-love. Every time she said something negative about herself, her spirit showed me an image of a plant that was wilting. Her spirit was wilting under the self-attacks.

Julie’s homework was to ‘water’ her spirit with self-love so it could flourish like a happy, succulent plant.

Today her angels sent her another ‘earth angel’ to help her embrace her homework. A gentleman came to fix something in her apartment. After he left, he sent her this message:

‘I have been struggling with a decision…my spirit had a thought when I met you for the first time, yet my mind denied the impulse…I have to say, in the most respectful way, your beauty took me aback…You are stunningly gorgeous! I hope this is received with the pure motive with which it is intended.’

Julie’s response to me after she shared all of this was: You can’t make this stuff up!

I think Julie is a true believer now and plans to water her spirit with heaps of self-love, beginning to believe she is gorgeous inside and out.
Homework: Ask your angels and guides to send you a message on something that is challenging you right now, something you want clarity on or guidance with. Then sit back and raise your awareness to see, hear or feel the answer in the magical ways they will bring it to you. They are very creative so believe it in any way, shape or form it comes in.

I’d love to hear about your experiences on my blog.


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About Photo: A wind chime glittering in the sunlight.

Let your divine shine.