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About My Retreat With Peruvian Shaman!

By June 30, 2016April 26th, 2017Reiki

I’m back from my retreat and
what a treat it was!

Adolfo, the Peruvian shaman and Jeff, the Anglo shaman, who trained with Adolfo, were amazing. I learned so much and shifted heaps of energy. I could really feel the changes within the healings I gave this week and during Spirit Reiki 1 workshop held last weekend. Wonderful!

Day 1, we went straight into a powerful Solstice ceremony. That was a biggie for me. I couldn’t go to sleep that night as my body was still buzzing with the energy that came in.

Each day we worked with the mountain spirits and our ‘mesas’: special crystals/rocks, flowers and wine, as offerings. The ceremonies nourished self-love, healed and expanded our gifts.

We also learned about an ancient Andean way, as Adolfo and Jeff shared the wisdom that has been held in sacred secrecy for 100s of years. These wisdom keepers have been guided to share their knowledge to support this new period of Awakening.

It was the first time they had worked with the Rocky Mt. spirits, joining them with the Andean mt. spirits to support the big shift in consciousness that has been happening since Dec. 2012.

Apparently there is another big wave of energy coming in Aug. The more we come from a place of love, seeing ourselves as One, rather than separate, the better we will move into this new vibration.

Homework:  One of the principle teachings was to really know thy self and to fully embrace self-love. Take some time this week to meditate and practicing this. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Imagine your spirit behind you, holding you, loving you. Say out loud all your amazing qualities you have ie: I love that I’m a great friend. I love that I’m so gentle. I love that I improving my health. I love me.
  • Notice if the ego/mental mind wants to bring in judgment ie: you are fat, you aren’t tall enough, you aren’t good enough. Rephrase what comes up into a positive statement.
  • Remember, Spirit sees all as perfection, zero judgment. All is love.

This is wonderful exercise to incorporate into your daily practice.

I’d love to hear about any other ways you expand your self-love here on my blog.


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About Photo: Aspen grove up in Cooper Mountain, CO.

Let your divine shine.