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My Paranormal Experience This Week!

By June 16, 2016April 26th, 2017Reiki

Most of us know that our psychic abilities are considered paranormal by many but to us they are our natural gifts. Reiki was what opened this world up to me and it just gets better and better. I want to share with you an amazing incident that happened to me this week.

When I came back from Colombia at then of Jan. I had an eye opening experience. I didn’t quite know what to make of it. Early one morning, I awoke to the sound of beautiful, gentle drumming in my room. It was so REAL but it was actually all happening in my right ear. It was a mere 5 secs. but it left me amazed and excited, asking what it meant and for more clarity. I got nothing.

…until this past weekend when I awoke again to the sound of drums in my ear, this time lasting about 3 mins!. I didn’t see color the first time but this time the energy was a beautiful, light blue. It was truly magical.

What does this mean? Often when we ask for our next teacher to come forth, they begin to make themselves know on an energetic level beforehand. The drums are the basis of shamanism and something I already incorporate in my healings. Shamanism fascinates me and is pulling me closer.

On Sat. I start a week’s retreat with a Peruvian shaman. The timing is divine and I’m so excited to see what transpires, especially as our 3rd day will be the: summer solstice + full moon (this combo only happens every 30 years!). Obviously this retreat was planned specifically during this time.

I will be excited to share with you the new vibration, knowledge and more of my shamanistic ways in our upcoming healings.

Homework:  Have you had any paranormal experiences that you can’t explain or haven’t been able to share with anyone because they will think you are crazy?

Not here! I’d love to hear about them on my blog.

Reminder: The office will be closed the week of June 20-24th. I will be back in the office on the 27th.


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About Photo: Whilst walking in the Rocky Mountains, the clouds aligned to give me a star!

Let your divine shine.