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Grounding Techniques: Key To Our Wellbeing. Learn How.

By June 2, 2016April 26th, 2017Reiki

Office Closed June 18-24th

First, I want to let everyone know that I will be on spiritual retreat in June. Since my vision quest was canceled in Colombia this year, I am in much need of high spiritual growth and connection. I’ll be spending a week with a Peruvian shaman here in the Rocky Mts. I will be excited to share and bring forth into my work all that I learn and experience.

Why is Grounding so Key?

A very important technique to becoming more intuitive is grounding: connecting our energy into Mother Earth. This helps us be in our body, here and now, not in the past or future.

If we aren’t in our body, it is like a house with an open door policy. Other people’s energy, goals and intentions take over our space. We can feel overwhelmed and manipulated by the people around us, run by an agenda that isn’t ours. This prevents us from follow our own intuition. This is biggie and not ok!

Our job is to keep our space clean and clear so we can hear our inner voice, be more psychic, more able to hear our intuition and guidance.

Below is a list of Grounding exercises.

Homework: Try to incorporate 3-4 of them into your daily routine and enjoy the amazing benefits.

1. Put on a grounding cord- connect a hollow tube of any color/energy/form ie: rainbow, tree trunk, etc. to your 1st chakra (your hips) and let it connect to the center of Mother Earth.
2. Breathe deeply! The breath brings you back into your body. Take a deep breath in, put your hands on your tummy, fill up your feet, legs, arms, let your energy return home. Reclaim your energy; reclaim your own space. On the exhale, move out all energy that doesn’t belong to you or isn’t serving you and release it down your grounding cord.
3. Touch the ground, no shoes! We draw our energy from Mother Earth. It nurtures our bodies, calms us, neutralized our emotions and keeps us well.
4. Exercise
5. Dance – every indigenous society that has a deep and profound connection with their intuition, dances! Drumming music is the best as it is like the heart beat of Mother Earth. It is a very grounding sound and helps bring you back into your body.
6. Cook real food
7. Garden
8. Work with clay, paint, crayons, etc.
9. Take a bath in Epson salts or sea salt. It‘s from the earth and clears out the energy easily.
10. Walk in nature
11. Drink water – filtered or spring water, no chemicals
12. Eat Real food – fresh source, food filled with life-force energy

All of this helps us stay dialed into our intuitive radio station.

If you want to learn more about the powerful, grounding energy of Mother Earth, this is a great documentary: Grounded
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About Photo: This is an ancient, bearded tree in Colombia, grounding and reaching for the stars!

Let your divine shine.