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Inner Smile Meditation + Spirit Reiki 1 workshop this weekend‏

By May 19, 2016April 26th, 2017Reiki
As a Spiritual Alchemist, I was drawn to this meditation, The Inner Smile, one of the well-known Taoist practices of Inner Alchemy. The idea is to meditate and with your ‘smiling eyes’ of loving kindness and joy, infuse and nourish your organs and any other areas that need this energy.

These are the 5 main organs to start with and their associated positive and negative emotions:

Heart: hate and arrogance > love and appreciation
Lungs: sadness and depression > courage and righteousness
Kidneys: fear > gentleness and kindness
Liver/Gall bladder: anger > generosity and forgiveness
Stomach/Spleen: worry and anxiety > emotions of fairness and openness

Homework:  Take 10-30 mins to do this meditation.

  1. Sit with a straight back on a chair or the floor.
  2. Take a couple of deep breathes, releasing thoughts and charged energy.
  3. Rest your tongue on the roof of your mouth, somewhere behind or close to the back of your front teeth.
  4. Smile gently, like the Mona Lisa smile, very gentle, nothing too extreme.
  5. Take your attention to your 6th chakra. Imagine a pool of warm water there and slowly drift deeper into it.
  6. Let your attention drift back to the pineal gland (3rd eye), smack in the middle of your head between your ears. Feel the energy increase here.
  7. Bring the energy forward into your eyes, transforming them into Smiling Eyes. Feel like you are gazing into the eyes of someone you dearly love…infusing your eyes with loving-kindness and joy.
  8. Direct the energy of your smiling eyes to areas in your body that would benefit from this healing energy. It could be an injury, a sense of numbness, a knot or a spot that is feeling out of sorts.
  9. Smile into this place for a long as you’d like. Let is soak up the smile energy like the way the desert drinks water when it rains.
  10. Carry on these 5 major organs listed above.
  11. Enjoy the nourishing and relaxing feelings this bring about.

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About Photo: lovely crane that I took in Florida.

Let your divine shine.