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Healing Powers of Forgiveness + Spirit Reiki 1: May 21-22

By May 5, 2016April 26th, 2017Reiki


“Why should I forgive?”

I often get this question.  Or I hear, “I can’t forgive.”

When we don’t want to forgive, want to have the one-up or hold tightly to the grudge, we stay in the pain and suffering…

However when we forgive, we reap the benefits. Forgiving doesn’t mean what the other person did was ok. It simply gives us our freedom from the pain to move forward instead of staying stuck in the past.

Added bonus when we forgive:

  1. increased vital life force energy running through our bodies which in turn attracts new goodness into our lives
  2. more creativity
  3. more present
  4. increased awareness and intuition because we aren’t stuck in the past
  5. makes us wiser
  6. empowers us
  7. more self-reliant
  8. healthier without the toxic energy of the situation running through our system
  9. makes life easier for ourselves and everyone else around you

When something goes wrong, there is always a gift in the situation; something to learn so we can change our ways. This is a great opportunity to grow and mature our spirit. Focus on the growth opportunity rather than the wound.

Homework: Make a list of the people who you hold a grudge against or just can’t forgive.  Remember to include yourself. Forgiving oneself is a big one!

  1. Quietly mediate and write down what the ‘gift’ is within the scenario.
  2. Voice out loud or whisper that you forgive them, thanking them for what they taught you and send them love and light from your heart chakra.
  3. Let the grudge go down your grounding cord. Feel the energy shift in your body. It might take a few days to integrate.
  4. Continue with your list.
  5. Ask your guides and angels to help you in this process of forgiveness.
  6. Humor is great medicine too.

Remember, forgiveness means setting yourself free from the pain and suffering and taking your power back. Your heart will feel so much lighter and joyful, creating positive vibes all around you. Give it a try today!

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About Photo: I call this the ‘PomPom’ flower. I noticed their gentle beauty in a beautiful location just outside of Quito, Ecuador.

Let your divine shine.