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Introducing …Spirit Reiki

By April 19, 2016April 26th, 2017Reiki

+ Clairvoyance + Clairaudience + Clairsentience

I am excited to share the new name for the Reiki I have been teaching for the past few years: Spirit Reiki. I found myself incorporating more and more teachings and tools on how to get your own guidance, hence the new name.

Using Reiki as the foundation modality, I encourage and provide the sacred space for all to begin trusting the messages you receive whilst giving and receiving Reiki.

99% of the time, everyone has experiences during the workshop as they open their clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, precognition or a combo. We all have these gifts but now we get to learn how to access and make the most of them. It’s magical to observe the transformations that transpire over the weekend and beyond.

I’m teaching Spirit Reiki 1 on May 21-22nd. Click here for more info.
Spirit Reiki 3

AND….I am very excited to share that soon I will be offering Spirit Reiki 3!  I am in the process of creating the curriculum which is a massive project. This 5-6 month program will earn you the title of a Reiki Master. By the end you will have heaps of knowledge, experience and confidence to share Reiki as you wish and to be really tapped into your guides and angels. I’m diligently working on it and plan to have it ready by mid/late May. Watch this space!

Power of Hands on Healing

To validate how Reiki is an amazing healing modality, this is a wonderful article : Healing with your hands.
Just 2 Spots Left : Spirit Reiki 2 this weekend

  • Learn 3 Reiki symbols and how to use them in a powerful way in your daily life.
  • Learn to give a Reiki session in 15 mins.
  • Learn to give distance healings and much more!
  • Click here for more info. or to register.

About Photo: Beautiful snow leopard that peeked at me whilst I took her photo in Cheyenne zoo.