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Admiring Eyes + Reiki 2 Date Change‏

By April 7, 2016April 26th, 2017Reiki

21 Day Challenge

I have a wonderful challenge for you. It’s called Admiring Eyes. It’s about learning to see others with your heart (through Spirit’s Eyes) instead of your head (the judgmental Ego).

The objective is for you to see the beauty in another, to help them remember who they are, that their spirit is waiting to be seen and expressed fully. Help them to see what they have come here to contribute and how they can serve.

As you do this, you undoubtedly will express beautiful qualities that the other may never have noticed or realized about themselves. At the same time, it opens us up to experiencing more of the support from our angels, spirit guides, light beings, power animals and Spirit who are all conspiring for our success!

Examples of Admiring Eyes:

‘I see a joyful extrovert. I see persistence.  I see a community builder. I see intensity. I see depth. I see vulnerability. I see such sweetness and tenderness. I see humor. I see rejection subsiding. I see self-love expanding. I see a very good man with a big heart.’
Homework: Buddy System: find a friend, partner or family member who’d like to serve as each others Admiring Eyes.

  • Daily tell your buddy 1 or more qualities that you admire in them.
  • As you practice more, look for things you haven’t noticed before. Look deeper and deeper.
  • Awesome shifts take place with just a bit of consistency. It takes 21 days to form the habit with your buddy.
  • When you have got the habit down pat, start practicing with others. See them through your heart, pointing out beautiful things in them.
  • Finally take this lovely, new habit and do the same everyday when you look in the mirror in the morning. This is a great way to increase self-love.

As you get better at using your Admiring Eyes, the world goes from a flat, brown landscape to more like a colorful, flower garden as you move out of fear into more of the heart space.

Date Change:
Reiki 2 Workshop: April 23-24th

  • Learn 3 Reiki symbols and how to use them in a powerful way in your daily life
  • Learn to give a Reiki session in 15 mins.
  • Learn to give distance healings and much more!
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About Photo: An inquisitive, sweet, Colombian boy who was intrigued by my friend and me visiting his cultural center.

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