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Angel Midwives

By March 29, 2016May 18th, 2017Reiki


Inspiring Inner Force

I just finished a brilliant book, The War of Art. It was required reading for a class I’m taking. I had huge resistance to reading it as I don’t have time to read for my own pleasure, let alone a book I didn’t choose.

Funny how it works, the book was all about Resistance! I knew then that I had to read it. It turned out to be a very spiritual book, using the word resistance to represent the Ego in any of the sly ways it appears.

Resistance = Ego

We might have resistance because we fear we’ll fail, aren’t good enough, there is competition, don’t know what we are doing, that we’ll mess up, etc. You know what I’m taking about, it shows up daily.

Congregation of Angel Midwives

However, when we actually take the bull by the horns and take a bite into whatever the project is, the angel midwives arrive! They crowd around us to help us give birth to our unique, divine selves, which the Ego tries to keep well hidden. They hold the magic, mystery and miracles at their fingers tips and bring them into full play when they see us commit.

Homework: Pick one thing that you have been Resisting sinking your teeth into. Take the challenge and start it this week. Be very observant how the Angel midwives come in to play with you. A few examples are:

  • Divine ideas pop into your head
  • You start producing an amazing piece of your art in a way you never expected
  • The perfect person contacts you to help you with the next step
  • You feel energized and joyful as you shine light and expand your uniqueness

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