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Getting Your Own Guidance: Part 3

By March 10, 2016April 26th, 2017Reiki
Spirit vs. Ego
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I’m wrapping up this week with the last of 3 newsletters: Getting Your Own Guidance. If you missed the other 2, click here.
How to Differentiate Messages coming from Ego or Spirit

Spirit is gentle, loving, compassionate, SUBTLE, doesn’t make you any more special than the next and is very patient.

Ego demands, wants to do it for you, judges, is impatient and makes you feel more special than another.

Best way to connect to Spirit: Forgiveness and Non-judgment

Let’s drop the grudges, resentment, hatred and fear…all examples of judgment > Ego > low energy > feeling drained, tired or bad about self. For most humans, judging is almost like breathing; we do it all the time to ourselves or another. Forgive yourself when you do. It takes real discipline but it is so worth reaping the benefits.

We Always Have a Choice

Forgiveness and non-judgment allow us to be more in tuned with the messages coming from Spirit. Hence we can take full responsibility for our choices and make changes when necessary, leaving victim or blame energy out of the picture.
Homework:  Practice asking for guidance and help everyday for everything. Be in constant contact with your guides. It’s lots of fun, ie:

  • Parking fairies, ask for best table at restaurant, best food to eat
  • Best seat on the bus
  • To travel in much comfort on your next airplane trip
  • Let your imagination run wild with all the options

Angel and Guide Communication Tip:  Don’t get caught up that the messages must come through a dream, a vision or only through meditation. They may appear in the physical world via:

  • a person, an animal, a song
  • a sign, a book and so many other magical ways
  • Be open and aware

~words inspired by Sonia Choquette

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Spirit. Emerge. Thrive.