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Getting Your Own Guidance Part 2

By February 26, 2016April 26th, 2017Reiki


The Basics about
Our Guides

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Last week I wrote Getting Your Own Guidance Part 1: the importance of being flexible. This week, Part 2, is about our guides and angels. They LOVE to support and assist us. You are NEVER burdening them with a request.

Guardian Angels: We ALL have one! It joins us when we are born and it’s the only angel we don’t have to be summon. It is always with us to guide, support and send us love.

Ministry of Angels:  Their only desire is to help you have a wonderful experience. We have all sorts of angels to make life fun and wonderful i.e.: angels for cooking, sports, hiking, dancing, healing, studying…you call upon them and they will be there to aid and guide you.

Spirit Guides: Many believe that we only have 1, 3 or 5 spirit guides. The truth is we have as many as we need. That could be 1, 5 or a group effort of 25.

  • Do we need to know their names? No. And they aren’t attached to a special name either. But if you are very keen to know their names, ask. Trust what you get. It might also be a feeling, smell or knowingness to let you know that they are close.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Always ask for the ones that have highest vibration, are the most knowledgeable, most advanced, sophisticated, evolved and serving your highest good. If not, you might get low-level guidance.

Homework:  REMEMBER TO ASK! 

  • So often we forget to invite our guides to join us. Because we are humans, we have the gift of free will. Hence they will not intervene unless we ask them to.
  • As you start meditation, call on your guides and angels to guide you throughout the day.
  • Ask them to help you have a wonderful day, outing or experience.
  • If you are unsure, ask them to show you what the best option is. 

Angel and Guide Communication Tip:  NOTE!
Our guides and angels will not do the work for us. We are hear to learn and evolve. They will do everything to assist, guide and support us. It’s our job to be aware, receive their advice and put it into action.

~words inspired by Sonia Choquette

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