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How to Hear Messages from Your Angels, Guides and Spirit‏

By November 19, 2015April 26th, 2017Reiki
Heightened Awareness

 Allows Us to hear the Messages

This past week I was interviewed by Rachel Claire with The Boulder Psychic, a friend and colleague. We did the year long clairvoyant program together at Psychic Horizons and expanded what we learned into our own businesses. Click here for the full interview.

One of the question Rachel asked was, “How did you get the message from Spirit to move from the Australian Outback to Boulder?” Great question! (See below: Books/Audio books for the answer.)

I’m always sharing with my clients, “Half of what we are doing in the healings is raising our awareness so we can hear the messages coming in from our spirit, guides and angels.” They are always answering our prayers for guidance, healing and help. Are we hearing them?

Since they can’t talk to most of us directly, they use symbols and different modalities to send us messages. Here is a list of some of the ways they do this:

  • Repetitive numbers on clocks, license plates, receipts, odometers, etc. Find out what they mean. A great source of numerology is on Spirit Library
  • Animals: Is your power animal sharing its medicine with you, like this bald eagle did with me?
  • Mediation: ask for guidance and observe the visions, voices, feelings or knowingness that come through.
  • Songs: Did you hear the same song 3x’s in one day? Look up the lyrics and learn what the message is.
  • Message heard indirectly: i.e.: person standing behind you in the line is sharing something with a friend that resonates with you.
  • Visceral Reaction: Listen to your body. Do you get a stomachache, knot in your shoulder (like I do), headache if something isn’t in alignment with your spirit?
  • Books/Audio books: It was through the audio book, Spirit of the Anatomy by Caroline Myss when I ‘heard’ the message to move to Boulder.
  • Same topic is mentioned 3x’s in a week to you: Follow up on the topic as there is probably something there for you.
  • Feathers and Coins ie: you might find one on your path to validate a thought/decision/action etc.
  • Precognition: this is foreknowledge about an event. This began happening to me this week, super fun! I heard in my head the sound of a text coming in on my phone. 2 mins. later, I received a text! Yesterday I heard ‘Slow’ in my head as I was backing out in a parking lot. I then realized there was a car coming out at the same time, very close to me. Had I not listened, an accident might have ensued.
  • You can revisit this tip or share it with someone via my blog, click here.
  • Be aware, notice and hear what your angels, guides and spirit are communicating with you. The better you get at it, the more guidance you can access.
Reiki Workshops

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  • It’s Vision Quest time! I’m off to Colombia late Dec. to complete my final year of my 4 year vision quest. This year will be 2 weeks on the mountain, omg!
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