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Tips for Grounding:

By November 4, 2015April 26th, 2017Reiki

When our energy is grounded, we feel present, centered, and ready for anything. Try this simple technique to ground your energy.

How to give yourself a Grounding Cord

The ideal is to put one on each morning before you start your day.

1. Imagine a cord, of any color, made out of whatever you’d like i.e.: tree trunk, waterfall, rainbow, crystals or your favorite colored material. For kids, you can get them to imagine a monkey, dinosaur or lion tail.
2. Imagine your grounding cord hollow and as wide as your hips.
3. Attach it to your hips and 1st chakra and see it go down to the center of the Mother Earth.
4. You can give it a magnet or roots to secure it to Mother Earth.
5. Feel your feet connect with the ground.
6. Relax and sense into your body. Feel where you are tight, holding on or uncomfortable.  
7. Now send all energy that you are ready to release and/or is not yours down the cord and allow the earth to receive it completely. You might find yourself sigh or yawn. This is a validation that you’ve just released some unwanted energy.
8. You can sever your grounding cord at any time. If you feel it’s become too toxic/filled up at any time during the day, just give yourself a new one. It’s a good idea to put on a new one before going to bed.
9. Enjoy this tool and becoming more present and grounded!