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Why Being Your Authentic Self is Even More Important than Ever‏

By September 11, 2015April 26th, 2017Reiki

Inner Work Is The Key

Are You Being Your True Self?

Over the past 2 weeks, I have had at least 4-5 clients come in and state their intention as:

I am my true, authentic self.

In the 7 years of my healing practice, I have never heard it as many times as I have recently. It’s a biggie, very beneficial and not coincidental! At the end of this month, there is going to be a new, powerful vibration coming in from the cosmos. It is in alignment with the solstice and the Blood Moon (2nd full, lunar eclipse this year).

It will help all of us move from the disconnect with the plant, the elements and from each other to feeling an inner connection with everything.  Some will not ‘get it’ and it will be rather uncomfortable. Others, like us, are on it. If we continue to do our inner work, we will be gifted the ability to do our work in lightening speed. What took us years to accomplish will now take just a few months. Sweet!

You might be asking, ‘What do I need to do to prepare for it?’ There is no preparation but to continue to do your Inner Work: meditation, non-judgment, forgiveness,  compassion, empathy, neutrality, awareness, resonance, etc. The more you do, the more this energy will support you.

Homework:  A big part of this is being your authentic self and following your heart. I invite you this week and beyond to heighten your awareness around when you are not being authentic and why. 

  • Do you give up what you want to do to please another?
  • Do you not speak your truth in fear of hurting another? 
  • Do you give yourself permission to put your needs first or does everyone else come first?
  • Are you listening very attentively to your inner voice?

Notice what you notice and then begin to change any inauthenticity so that you are more in alignment for this powerful energy coming in.

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