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Awareness and Messages from Spirit‏

By August 13, 2015April 26th, 2017Reiki

Awareness and Consciousness is the Name of the Game

to Receive and Decipher the Messages
coming from the 

My client Bill shared these photos with me. A year ago his life was turned upside down. Since then he’s been in a very intense healing process. There have been lots of questions, changes and wounds healing. He is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and Spirit sent him this beautiful moment yesterday to remind him of that. If you look closely the sunset even has a rainbow around it! To top it off, he looked down and noticed a hawk feather at his feet. Hawk: awakens visionary power and leads you to your life purpose.

I often say during a session, if you do your ‘homework,’ your intentions will manifest with more ease and grace. A big part of that is to simply to have more awareness to hear/feel/see/sense the messages coming from Source. They appear in many different forms. Spirit uses symbols to communicate with us so it’s up to us to do the research to learn the meaning. The internet is a great source as well as books. I also invite you to meditate on the symbol and come up with your own meaning.

Homework: So what are your angels telling your? What is nature sharing with you? The information comes in many different ways:

  • Dreams: get a dictaphone and record them when you wake up
  • Songs: you might hear the same song 3x’s in a day. Notice what you are thinking about. What are the lyrics says?
  • Coins: notice where you discovered them and how many. How does it apply to your life?
  • Feathers: what bird is it from? What does that bird symbolize?
  • Nature: notice the animals that are appearing in your life. i.e. we have a bear that is visiting us weekly. Bear = awakening the power of the unconsciousness.


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