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Cracking Open Your Pineal Gland = Expansion

By July 3, 2015May 18th, 2017Reiki

Let’s Start With Decalcification
and Detoxification 


…of the 3rd Eye
Our 6th chakra, located on forehead between the eye brows, is also referred to as our 3rdeye. This is where we access our deep states of intuition, intelligence, psychic abilities and spiritual illumination. The pineal gland is the ‘physical manifestation’ of the 3rd eye. 
The pineal works very similar to an eye and is activated by light coming in via our eyes. The sunlight helps the pineal produce serotonin bringing about feelings of well-being and happiness. The sunlight also helps break down harmful chemicals that often encrust the pineal gland. At night, it is stimulated by darkness to produce melatonin, helping us to sleep.
As you can see, this is a very important gland to our spiritual expansion. However it isn’t protected by the blood brain barrier and its power can be crippled by synthetic chemicals, mainly fluoride and calcium. They are found in our tap water, vitamin supplements, fortified cereals and toothpastes to name the biggies.

Homework: Suggestions to help detoxify and decalcify the pineal gland:

  • Stop drinking tap water! Start drinking spring water, reversed osmosis, well water or carbon-filtered water
  • Eliminate vitamins, mineral fortified foods and toothpastes with added fluoride or calcium
  • Install a carbon shower filter that removes chlorine, fluoride, used toilet paper particles and other impurities from tap water. If not, all of that ‘yuck’ can enter our bodies through the skin and lungs when we shower.

In the next newsletter I will write about how to activate the pineal gland


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