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Time to Surrender….

By June 5, 2015April 26th, 2017Reiki


 …and Support 
How have you been faring during this intense Mercury retrograde: challenges, misunderstandings, confusions, not sure what direction to take or trying to grasp a different perspective? Just know, you aren’t alone.

2 weeks ago the recommendation was to be proactive, do your research and ask lots of questions. This week you might consider surrendering.

I got that message very clearly during my own healing this morning. Later, whilst out on a walk with a dear friend, nature gave us the beautiful image/message above, reminding us that Love abounds even when everything else around may seem dry or barren.

Homework: Surrender to what is, just be with it. Let go of resistance and fully embrace whatever is up for you right now.

  • Let yourself feel: be like the heart in nature: present and feeling
  • Another image that comes to mind is yoga’s child pose. Go into this position and see how you feel as you fully relax your body, allow all the stress to go back to Mother Earth and ask for guidance from Spirit
  • Continue to listen to your inner guidance and allow yourself to go places you have never thought possible or even considered
  • Don’t be shy. Ask for help or support from others if you are in need
  • REIKI 1: We had a great Reiki 1 workshop last weekend, lots of powerful, healing energy all around. Thank you for all those who participated. It was an honor to teach and give you the healing tool of Reiki to forever have ‘on tap’ at the tip of your fingers! To see some fun photos on Facebook, please click HERE.
  • REIKI 2 is happening on June 13-14. If you have done Reiki 1 with me and would like to join us next weekend, please click HERE.


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to the abundance of magic, miracles and inner peace,