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Need More Self-Love? + Want to Learn Reiki?

By February 4, 2015April 26th, 2017Reiki

Group Healing at Shine
Reiki 1 Workshop

Fill to the Brim with Self-Love!


This coming Sunday I will be the guest healer at Sacred House. Honoring Valentine’s Day, the theme is self-love! Lisa Hunter will open Sacred House as she does each Sunday through rituals and chants. Lisa plays guitar with the chants, a talented musician indeed! I will follow with a group healing to expand exponentially our self-love. Everyone and anyone is invited to come.
Would you like to learn to heal yourself?
Reiki is a powerful self-healing tool. I will be teaching in Feb. 21-22nd.
Here are some of the amazing benefits:

  •          balances & harmonizes the physical, mental, emotional + spiritual bodies
  •          is gentle, loving, healing energy that all enjoy, including children, plants and animals
  •          strengthens personal power
  •          educes stress
  •          helps you discover your life purpose
  •          ideal in emergencies to calm shock and trauma
  •          balances + aligns all the chakras to allow inner peace
  •          compliments western medicine & other natural therapies i.e.: massage, acupuncture
  •          powerful healing before + after surgery: calming and speeds up recovery rate
  •          compliments western medicine
  •          easy to implement through touch
  •          heightens your connection with your higher-self

Click HERE for complete information and/or to register.


1. Join us on Feb. 21-22 to learn the wonderful healing modality, Reiki.

2. Come and enjoy the beautiful experience of Sacred House. 

When: 11:15-12.30pm, Sunday Feb. 8th.
Where: Shine Restaurant
Why: To fill yourself up with love and expand your spiritual community
Who: You and your friends/family
Cost: Donation based
We can all then stay afterwards to enjoy a delicious brunch at Shine.


1. Bring a friend to Sacred House and/or tell a friend about the Reik 1 workshop
Click: forward it to a friend.

2. Give the gift of a Dreamtime Healing experience for a loved one for Valentine’s Day: printable, downloadable gift certificates

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to the abundance of magic, miracles and inner peace,