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From My Dreamboard To Reality: The Galapagos Islands!

By January 30, 2015May 18th, 2017Reiki

Take your Bucket List and…


…Make it Happen!

Right now I’m in the middle of the Pacific Ocean experiencing the AMAZINGNESS of Los Galapagos Islands! When I get back I will be sure to share some of the stunning sights with you on Dreamtime Healings Facebook page.

This is a dream come true! 3 years ago, 7 of us got together to make Dream/Vision boards. We brought all sorts of magazines, paper, scissors and great energy to make our vision boards. We all shared as we cut and glued what it was that we wanted to manifest in our lives. It was a very supportive, nourishing experience.

I found a photo of the massive sea turtles in the Galapagos Islands and stuck it on my board, knowing and trusting i would get there one day. Well it happened this year! It took 3 years but it’s happened! Wow! Another trip that I had on my board manifested last year when I went back to the Australian Outback to get my Reiki teacher qualifications. As the movie, The Secret suggests, these Dream/Vision boards DO work!

Homework: Have a Dream/Vision Board Party!

1. Invite a bunch of friends to your home. Tell everyone to bring lots of magazines, glue, poster board, scissors and their dreams! 

2. Share with others what you want to manifest. Someone else might find an image for your board. This also creates a great group energy, allowing you to support what your friends want to manifest.

3. Let your hair down! Don’t hold back!  In a dynamic and creative way let your dream board show what you want be create in your life.

3. Put it up somewhere in your home where you can see it daily. i.e.: where you meditate, in your bedroom or your in your office. Seeing it daily brings constant energy to it and the manifestation process. Enjoy!

Reminder: I will be back in Boulder on Jan. 27th and back in the office on Feb. 2nd.


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