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Hold on Tight! Major Shifting Energy is Here again!

By December 3, 2014April 26th, 2017Reiki

Hold on Tight


Let Go…


In April, we went through the Carindal Gran Cross, the 5th of 7 expansive, planetary squares that have been pushing us to wake up, change and move into higher consciousness since 2012. The energy of that cross opened up things for many of us that we couldn’t have ever imagined. Tough? Yes! Worth it? Yes!

Last Wed. we entered into the 6th square: Pluto and Uranus which lasts until 12/27. The exact square between these planets begins a few days after the full moon this Sat., illuminating major cross roads, so get ready for more major shifts!

Uranus symbolizes rebellion, reform, individuality and innovation. Pluto represents our evolutionary edges where we face our worst fears, our own shadows and ascend into a more unified level of consciousness! 
Celebrate This Energy?

My process has already started after a powerful healing on Sunday. When it was suggested to me to celebrate the uncomfortable energy, edginess, physical symptoms coming up, I said, ‘What?! Celebrate it?’. Yes, celebrate the movement and release of the old patterns and shadow energy that have been stirred up and are releasing. It’s a wonderful perspective and makes the process more ‘enjoyable’. I highly recommend it.

Charge Up Your Energy This Month!
Out of Office 1/1-1/27

I will be out of the office for the month of Jan.: Florida for a week and then Ecuador for 3 weeks, including the Galapagos Islands for 9 days! I look forward to sharing my experiences via my blog and photos I will use for the intention cards! 

Be very aware of what comes up for you in the next 25 days of this square, especially next week. Pluto and Uranus are bringing in their squaring energy to help us make powerful shifts. Take advantage no matter how challenging it might be.

  • Are you going to hold on tight or let go as this ‘earthquake’ energy takes place?
  • Celebrate the uncomfortable energies that arise
  • Get support when you need it 
  • Remember, this will bring you to a more unified level of consciousness…more peace, joy and freedom


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