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Why Giving the Gift of an Experience is Heaps better than giving Material objects

By November 19, 2014April 26th, 2017Reiki

~Pet Healings
~Give the Gift of an Experience
~Free Healing 11/27

So Much To Tell You This Month!

Pet Healing/Readings

Some of you might not know that I have other healing secret, a pet whisper. Just this past weekend, I was contacted by a very worried ‘mommy’ who’s kitty, Fluffy, got sick overnight. Lynn was so distraught as she thought she’d lose Fluffy soon as the vet’s prognosis was a bit vague and confusing. I did a distance healing, giving Fluffy Reiki and communicating with her spirit. She quickly showed me how receptive and grateful she was for the healing. I cleared infection out of her kidneys, mouth and rebooted her system. Her ‘parents’ got a healing too to clear the traumatized energy out of their space.

By the end, the little family of 3 were feeling heaps better. Fluffy made it clear she was not on her way out and was going to be back to her healthy, vibrant self soon. I checked in with Lynn today and she immediately responded that the healing was truly a miracle. Fluffy was eating more, playing a bit and even showing signs of her ‘bossy’ self! Here is the link to my website for more info. about my pet healings/readings.


Give the Gift of a healing Experience this holiday season!

Did you know that studies show that experiences make people happier verses material objects? Here is a great article from the Huffington Post about this. Remember the times when you felt disappointment, had health issues or broke up with your partner. When something comes up and we need help, having a gift certificate for a Dreamtime Healing is a wonderful way to allow your loved one to take care of themselves. I’ve taken one of my beautiful photos and made printable, downloadablegift certificates. They range from $65-$250 and are very easy to access, great for last minute options. 
Free Healing on 11/25

Everyone I know has been going through something big this past month. So next Tuesday, the 25th at 7pm MT via conference call, I will give a healing to bring in loving, nourishing, supportive energy for everyone. Simply come with an intention to guide the energy, sit back and receive. It will be like a ‘pampering spa’ moment. Here is the info. to connect:

Phone # (425) 440-5100
Pin Code: 811606#


Homework: You choose!

  • Share with a friend about my animal whispering
  • Consider giving the gift of a healing experience for a loved one this holiday season
  • Join us next Tues. for the Free ‘pampering spa’ healing and tell a friend to join in the pampering too!

~ Adorable Puppy Photo by Joanna Pinneo. She is a talented photographer, specializing in    dogs., 303-485-2341,

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