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Open Your Arms to the Unknown!

By November 4, 2014April 26th, 2017Reiki

Recommendation for the Month of November:

Step Outside the Box into the Unknown

Once again, with what is going on in the cosmos, there are some big shifts coming in for us this month. One of them is our comfort zone is melting away. Believe it or not, this is a good thing as we don’t learn or grown when we sit in our comfort zone! As it melts away, the Unknown opens up. This is a space that is not known or familiar in any way, shape or form.

Of course, as humans, we always have a choice. We can embrace the Unknown and see the magical places it takes us within the realm of Freedom. As we open ourselves, there are infinite possibilities for creativity, new opportunities, things that the limited mind doesn’t allow us to imagine.

Or if we opt out, we get to keep our old, limiting patterns, beliefs and thoughts. It might feel a bit like a mud fight where we end up very dirty and uncomfortable. I know which path I’m taking!

Being in community with people who care about you and are on the same page is very important this month as well. If you aren’t in that space, see if you can make some changes to get into a supportive community. If you don’t, Spirit will probably do it for you. I can vouch that!
Homework: Opting for the Unknown is easier said than done. It will take constant disciple to be aware when you speak or think an old limiting thought; to then cancel, clear and delete it; and to let in the new creative thoughts that allow for the something different and expansive. Here are some guidelines:

  • When the fear comes up, relax the body and let go of the need to know, to control or to be right. This starves the fear of its power.
  • Trust what your heart is telling you. It knows the truth, always.
  • Trust that Spirit will recreate and show you something different, beyond anything the little mind could imagine.
  • Express daily gratitude for the amazing things and people in your life.

~ words inspired by Lena from
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