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The Most Intense and Extreme Week of the Year!

By October 21, 2014May 18th, 2017Reiki

Powerful Times for Growth &
Change Between the Eclipses



Expand, Collapse, Break, Transform

Apparently this is the most intense week of the year with what the planets are bringing in for us! I’ve certainly been feeling it. Every article I’ve been reading says that this energy between eclipses is a super powerful time. We are forced to face our fears, old patterns, beliefs and illusions, releasing them and stepping into a new chapter.
You might be feeling like you are almost ready to jump free of something big yet feeling overwhelmed, anxious, emotional, having weird body aches or pains. It’s the ego trying to keep us in fear. Lack of sleep and feeling very fatigued during the day might be on the cards as well. It’s all about the soul getting ready to break down the walls that the ego has kept very strong. It’s like a big purging. One can feel heaviness or restricted just before this happens since the energy has to breakdown before breaking through.
The changes coming in for you have most likely already presented themselves in your life and by the end of the week, they will go Ker Plunk! Breathe as the walls come crashing down this week and really allow the amazing qualities that are yours to come forth! Allow your perception to shift from the old ways of looking at something, let it go and recognize you are free to move in a completely new direction, enriching who you truly are! It’s an exciting time despite the intensity!
Partial solar eclipse: Thur. 4.35pm Mountain time
Homework: It’s time for a new chapter in your life to begin. See if you can find the stillness and inner harmony amidst this whirlwind.

  • As the walls come down, recognize the unwanted thought patterns and emotions. Don’t go ‘into ‘ them, just let the go.
  • This time particularly highlights relationships
  • Be the observer of what is going on in your mind when you get triggered and say: “I don’t choose you any more. There is the exit. “
  • Breath freedom in and out of your heart as you sense the expansion
  • Allow for Inner harmony and inner peace

And remember, it takes the extreme moments to make the new world. Let things play out. It will all be fine.
~ words inspired by Dana Mrkich at
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