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Expect the Unexpected in the next few days!

By October 6, 2014April 26th, 2017Reiki

It’s Packing a Punch! Full Moon Eclipse Wed. a.m.

The blood, full moon eclipse happening on Wed. between 3:14 -6:34 a.m. MT is packing a punch, more so than the usual. Knowing what the cosmic energies are bringing in will allow us to be more aware of what is coming up for us and how to work with it. In general, the lunar eclipses give us a heightened opportunity to get rid of that which is no longer serving us for our highest good and our path. Awesome, let’s take advantage of this!

This particular eclipse is about the Great Awakener: expect the unexpected. In addition, there is a lot of fire energy; fire under the bum to get things changed up! Things might come out of right field. Be ready and alert for it. Don’t be surprised if you feel the need to “clear off the table’, especially in areas where you feel confined or overtly limited. It can also be a time of ‘break throughs’ and strokes of good luck.

Things might leave your life that don’t make sense in the moment. It might happen quickly or it could be a slow farewell. The full understanding and integration of your shifts, due to the influence of this full moon eclipse, might take up to 6 months but not always,

Another aspect of the energies that will abound in the next 48 hrs. will give us an opportunity to release some of our shadow energies such as anger, limiting thoughts, illusions and fears. Clearing them gives us more access to expressing our true essence: fabulous, pure, untouched potential that is within us all, often referred to as the “I AM” presence. The quote below illustrates it well.

Do you know who you were before the world told you who to be? Danielle LaPorte
Homework: During the next few days be very alert and aware of what is coming up for you and:

  • Be the observer of your emotions/dreams/wounds/desires/needs within you, seeking attention
  • Observe if you are projecting outwards. If so, turn the tables inwards and follow the thread of any uncomfortable emotions to see if you can discover the real source.
  • Be courageous; make the changes needed, express yourself and allow balance and harmony to reign.

This can be an intense time so if you need support, come in for a healing. I know I’m feeling it and getting a healing weekly.

P.S. We moved into Mercury retrograde on the 5th and will be in it for the next 3 weeks, until the 25th. So be careful with all types of communication. Things can go a bit pear-shaped during this time.

~ words inspired by Rev. Irma Kaya Sawyer at

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