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Weasel Words Zap Your Energy + New Website and Blog!

By September 24, 2014April 26th, 2017Reiki

What are Weasel Words?

…Energy Thieves!

After reading the book Angel Words by Doreen Virtue, I’ve become very conscious of the words I use. Why? Just like us and everything around us, words have a vibrational energy too, some high and some low. For example:


Lower Vibrational Words:

  • tired, incredible, sh*t, war, worry
  • despair, disgusting, anxiety, rushed
  • awful, bad, complain, exhausted
  • hate, drained, fat, fear, grief, guilt



High Vibrational Words:

  • love, peace, flower, happy, cheerful
  • fabulous, amazing, excited, kisses
  • light, spiritual, meditation, trust, strength
  • wisdom, vacation, beautiful, blessing
  • celebration, attractive, cuddle


Here are common, everyday expressions that are low vibration but you can be creative and make them high vibration. For example:


Awfully nice of her. VS Awesome of her.

I’m open to criticism. VS I am open to positive feedback.

Kill 2 birds with one stone. VS Feed 2 birds with one hand.

I’m sick and tired of this. VS I am ready to change this.

Get over it. VS Release it.

Drop-dead gorgeous. VS Gorgeous!

Killing time. VS Enjoying life.


Homework: This week and beyond, try and become aware of your vocabulary.

  • Are you emanating high vibrations or low vibrations?
  • All swear words are very low vibrational energy.
  • Remember, the law of attraction is always at play so keep the thoughts and words as high and as positive as possible!
  • Be gentle with yourself in the beginning. It can take a bit of ‘retraining’ of the automatic responses.

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