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Fabulous Feel Good Drug!

By July 29, 2014April 26th, 2017Reiki

Pure Presence


My last newsletter was about The Power of Now and controlling the egoic mind. This is an extremely powerful shift in consciousness you can start today. If you missed it, here in the newsletter linkI’ve been the observer of my egoic mind for a month now and I’m so excited to say that I’m ‘getting it’! Joy, ease, lightness and inner peace are the stunning benefits of this new way of being. This week I can really feel them blooming within me. It’s so amazing to feel the shift from the egoic mind to my divine essence on a daily basis. I highly recommend it!

From this place of consciousness, it allows you to be much more compassionate with yourself and with others when there is slip back into unconsciousness. We humans love to judge…that is the egoic mind making one feel better than another. It isn’t very conscious, now is it?! When I catch myself, I cancel and clear the judgmental thought otherwise it causes psychic pollution and I bring my attention back to the present. There is no self-judgment either, just observation. That is Presence.

As one starts this journey into consciousness, meditation and nature are both great places that can really support you as you learn this new way. When I started, I cried 2-3x’s a day as I was overwhelmed with gratitude or by a flash sensation of my amazing divine essence. I can now be in the stream of my essence for about 25 mins. I look forward to holding it all day! It is like being injected with a fabulous feel good drug thatyou have on tap ALL the time. The more awareness you gain, the stronger and more consistent the flow of this fabulous feel good drug is!

Homework: Nature is in the present moment always, no psychological time which the egoic mind thrives on. She is a great example to learn from so get into nature as much as possible.

  • Sit in meditation under a tree, hike, bike ride or take a swim 
  • Have full attention on the Now. Bring your mind back from the past or the future when your thoughts go there (they will!)
  • Call up on Archangel Jophiel to help you connect to the universal heartbeat, reminding you to take time to smell the roses
  • Feel your inner body, its energy, connect with it and stay with it. That is your divine essence beginning to flow
  • Tapping into your Divine essence = joy, ease, lightness and inner peace. It can’t get better than that!

It really is restructuring everything you have ever known and building a completely new foundation. It takes some concentrated attention but it’s VERY worthwhile.

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