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Hallelujah! Mercury has gone direct!

By July 7, 2014April 26th, 2017Reiki

Time to Re-take Control of Your Life!

5 Action Steps to Stabilize Life
after Mercury Retrograde 

Mercury finally went straight today-what a relief! This planet rules our mind, memory, intelligence and all types of communication: talking, texting and writing. It also affects our self-expression, and communication style. It presides over commerce, computers, telephones, transportation and air travel. So you might have had some hiccups in these areas over the past 3 weeks. I know I did!
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Now it’s time to bring things back into alignment after that shake up.

1. What did you learn? It was a time to slow down, reflect, go inward. Now take a look at projects, situations, and people in your life and see what you didn’t know 3 weeks ago. With this new info. you can make better decisions, choices and take successful steps forward.

2. Resolve any misunderstanding. Did you have a fight with your partner, sister, boss or yell at your kids? This might be the moment to apologize, express what you were feeling is softer words, forgive and reach a new level within your relationship.

3. Now is the time to say YES to a new job or work optionDoubts and the haze lift now that Mercury has gone direct. You will be able to see clearly all the pros and cons of the job and if it’s the right fit. You might consider the new work option as well as you’ll be able to communicate clearly and make a good 1st impression.

4. Good time to make important decisions. For the past 3 weeks, it wasn’t a good time. You can reflect and see where you might have made a bad mistake or didn’t have all the info. or facts you needed. Now you can go confidently forward to make successful decisions, always listening to that inner guidance of course!

5. Lost and found! Mercury retrograde is a time when people can lose their wallets, jewelry, rings or clothes. Now with a clear mind, make a list of the things you lost, not only in the past 3 weeks but can be the last 3 years. The magic of the Universe will have you look where you haven’t looked before, suggest you contact someone who might help or it might just pop in your head where to look. Let the magic and miracles happen! 

Homework: Make the most of Mercury Retrograde direct.

Take an action step for each of the 5 listed above and enjoy the fruits as you continue to grown and expand.

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