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Spirit communication helps resolve kids’ behavioral issues

By June 3, 2014April 26th, 2017Reiki

Communication with Spirits = Peaceful Family

Inspirational Story!

Mother resolves behavioral issues with

her kids through spirit communication. 

My client Kelly is a mother of 2 lively, young girls. She was having trouble with both of them. Ashely, the 6 year old, was unruly, screamed a lot and didn’t listen to her requests. Jody, the 8 year old, was refusing to eat while at school. Her blood sugar was on the floor and she was exhausted. During the healing, we invited their spirits in to see how they could be best supported to make much needed changes.

Ashely, the racing car driver

Ashley’s spirit showed me her zooming around in a hot rod car, out of control, shouting, not caring for anything going on around her. After a healing with the angels, what Ashely needed as a very fiery spirit, was very firm boundaries with clear consequences if she didn’t listen. The message to be given to her was that as a racing car driver she could go fast but needed to listen to the traffic controller when they gave instructions with their flags. If she didn’t, there were consequences. Kelly implemented this new way and Ashley LOVED the concept and was very responsive. A few days into it, she went to Kelly and apologized for being in 4th gear when she really needed to be in 2nd or 1st. Things have been much more peaceful as Kelly uses these new tools to the benefit of everyone.

Jody, the non-eater

Jody is the opposite of her sister. She is highly sensitive, quieter and can be anxious at times. Not eating all day whilst at school was extremely detrimental to her health and emotional state. When her spirit came in, she was exhausted, completely wiped out. Being a  sensitive child, she was being very affected by all the energies flying around school. This is why she wasn’t eating. It was overwhelming her, zapping all of her energy. The angels gave her a healing with the message to Kelly to teach Jody how to use energy protections tools and to give her salt baths at night to clear out foreign energies. In the physical world, she loves baths at night so adding a bit of sea salt was super easy. The healing shifted something substantial, allowing Kelly and Jody to have a heart-to-heart, mother-daughter conversation about feelings, emotions and friends. Right after that Jody said to Kelly, ‘See Mom how well I eat when we have talks like that.’ Wow!

Homework: Take some time to think about ways you might be able shift an uncomfortable situation with your child, partner, boss or friend by doing something in a very different way that really speaks to them.

•For the little ones, concrete examples that they can relate to in their world can help them to understand something, like Ashely as the racing car driver.

•For a friend, boss, colleague or partner, put yourself in their shoes and ask what they want/need to improve the situation. Then push yourself outside your comfort zone to make those changes.

Play around with it, don’t take yourself too seriously and experiment. If you need some help, come in for a healing. We will invite in your partner, boss, child or friend in to find out what they need or desire to make the shift you’d all like to experience.

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