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Reiki 1 Workshop: Huge success & Intense Energy is Easing

By May 6, 2014April 26th, 2017Reiki

Easing up of the Intense Energy of the Cardinal Grand Cross….Hallelujah!

We have come out of the super intense time of this Cardinal Grand Cross but we aren’t out of the forest just yet. We have something to look forward though, The Portal of Harmony starts on May 23rd. It is said to be the return of the ‘Sacred Truth’, embodied and where world peace reigns. This is music to my ears!

However before we get there, we have a few more weeks to take advantage of this energy to release any old patterns that are no longer serving us. When we do this, we can step into a whole new way that we never knew existed, uncharted waters that are warm and welcoming.

Excellent Reiki 1 workshop this past weekend

Words to describe the Reiki 1 Workshop this past weekend, shared with 7 amazing women ranging from 17 to mid 50’s and 3 nationalities:

•enlightening, honoring, expansive

•laughter & tears of gratitude

•heightened awareness

•healing: self and group

•new friends and bonds

I love teaching and sharing this amazing energy. It allows for self-healing, healing others as well as animals and plants. I am excited to announce that I will be teaching Reiki 1 again June 7-8th.

Homework: A repeat of last week’s homework:

•Heightened awareness for what is coming up for you and embrace it

•Prioritize what actions are needed to make necessary changes

•Open your heart to more love and compassion as we move towards the Portal of Harmony

Reminders: Reiki 1 workshop, June 7-8th, 9-4pm, $250. Click here for full info.

                            My new office: 2945 Center Green Court, Suite E, Boulder, CO 80301

Suggestions: If things get a bit overwhelming, come in for a healing to help shift the energy. Things are less intense but lots of shifts still happening!

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to magic, miracles and happiness!