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Cardinal Grand Cross Continues

By April 22, 2014April 26th, 2017Reiki

+ Helen’s  New Office

Lots and Lots of Energy!

How have you been faring during this time of intense energy? In my last newsletter, I mentioned the huge astrological shifts that were about to start. Now we are in them until the end of April and they are effecting us all. Part of this energy was the lunar eclipse on Monday; this photo is the tail end of it. The Quantum Gateway is Wed.-Thur. which is the climax of this Cardinal Grand Cross.

Since the energy is so acute, I’d like to suggest you really honor whatever your needs are: stay quiet at home instead of being social, sleep a bit more, listen to your intuition, eat particually well, be physical and walk barefoot to help ground you. Be even more aware of your intentions and what frustrations and shadows are coming up. Be present with them, meditate and feel where they are within you.

Despite the intensity, you might be having lots of fun too. I’m certainly feeling it but there are many magical things happening in my life right now. So if it’s feel right to you, take some chances or risks that put you outside of the box. Surf the wave of this energy and see what amazing places it might take you.

New Office: One of the wonderful things that has come to me during this time is a new office. As of May 1st, I will be at: 2945 Center Green Court, Suite E, Boulder, CO 80301. It is very close to the intersection of Valmont with Foothills, on the south west side.

Homework: A few things to consider:

•Heightened awareness for what is coming up for you and embrace it

•Prioritize what actions are needed to make necessary changes

•Open your heart to more love and compassion as we move towards the Portal of Harmony

Reminder: Reiki 1 workshop on May 3-4th, 9-3pm, $250. Click here for full info.

Suggestions: If things get a bit overwhelming, come in for a healing to help shift the energy. Things are intense!

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to magic, miracles and happiness!