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Happy, Natural Drugs: 5 Tips to Make You Smile Lots!

By March 12, 2013April 26th, 2017Reiki

Heighten Serotonin Please

Nowadays you hear a lot about antidepressant drugs. It seems to be the band aid that most docs give their patients when they are struggling with life. However there are some great, natural options we can to do to raise our serotonin levels. Serotonin is the chemical in our body that makes us feel happy. It improves our mood and social functioning. Here are 5 tips and look at what is #1 : meditation!

1. Meditation and positive thinking : taking some time everyday to ground, connect with you, go within and think some good thoughts can raise the serotoine levels. Whenever I meditate, I   always feel better than when I started.

2. Sunny sunshine: let the sun warm your face everyday for as long as possible. Even when it’s cloudy out, the outdoor light makes you feel happier.

3.  Exercise: many of you might already know that exercise is definitely a happy drug.

4. Diet: all these foods are high in tryptophan which helps increase the serotonin level in the brain: seaweeds, spirulina, kidney, game meat, elk and spinach.

5. Hugs: 20 seconds or longer

Homework: Try out these 5 tips and see how much more you are smiling.

  1. Take 10 mins or more a day to quietly meditate and think some good thoughts.
  2. Combine sunshine and exercise. Take a walk, hop on your bike or go for a run during lunch break or after work.
  3. Add a few of the foods mentioned above to your diet. Spirulina is great in smoothies.
  4. Hug your partner, your kids and your friends. Tell them that it has to be a ‘good, long hug’ to have the full effect. I’m sure you will both be grinning from ear to ear afterwards.

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