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Become a Cacao Priestess

Become a Cacao Priestess/Ceremonialist

Ceremonial cacao is becoming quite a hot item these days! Most agree that cacao/chocolate is yummy, makes you feel good and is synonymous for love. All of that is true…And there is so much more to this amazing plant medicine.

~ Come experience a cacao ceremony with shamanic journey.
~ Learn all about ceremonial cacao.
~ Learn how to create your own signature touch cacao ceremony.
~ Confidently lead it, spreading the love!

When Helen first started leading cacao ceremonies in 2016, very few people had heard of them. However nowadays, cacao ceremonies are popping up everywhere….ceremonial cacao is gentle yet potent plant medicine.

Would you like to lead your own Cacao Ceremony for yourself and/or for others to help spread the love medicine and all its healing properties?

I'm in!

In this program, you will learn:

The history of ceremonial cacao
Why ceremonial cacao is such powerful plant medicine
The basics of how to create and lead a cacao ceremony:

  • Invocations
  • Holding space
  • Being a clear channel
  • Ceremonial songs
  • Building trust
  • Channeling messages
  • Holding healthy boundaries and much more

Experience Helen’s signature Cacao Ceremony with Shamanic Journey

Helen leads and models what you’ve learned so far so you can draw upon that experience and add what you like to the way you’ll lead ceremony.

Ceremonial cacao is very versatile. It can be combined with many different modalities such as:

  • Yoga
  • Kirtan
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Meditation
  • Shamanic journey
  • Healing modalities
  • really anything you wish

In ceremony with Helen, you will ask the Cacao Spirit to guide you on how to create your own, unique cacao ceremony, with your special signature.

Then it’s time to share your gifts!

You will be asked to lead your cacao ceremony for the group. You’ll receive feedback, acknowledgment and support.

You’ll gain the confidence to go forth and do it again and again and again, sharing the cacao love medicine far and wide!

This is a very experiential, hands on, creative program, right in alignment with the essence of ceremonial cacao.

All of it will be done via the zoom platform, allowing people to join from all around the country and world!

I'm in!


Become a Cacao Priestess + Mentorship

If you would like to go deeper into becoming a cacao priestess/ceremonialist, have all your questions answered, be personally guided on ways to create the best signature cacao ceremony and ways to enhance your gifts as a cacao priestess, then this 1:1 mentorship with Helen is for you.

Meet with Helen once a week, 60 min private session, in addition to the weekly program call, total of 3 private mentorship calls. She will guide and support your process of creating your signature cacao ceremony and answer all your questions. She will help you develop trust and confidence in what you offer as well as your connection with Spirit. Helen will help bring out your amazing gifts so that you can bring them through in the best possible way, in support of so many!

Helen has lifetimes and years of experience as a healer, ceremonialist and shamaness. She will share all that she can with you, holding nothing back, so that you can confidently embrace being a cacao priestess/ceremonialist, sharing the medicine of love, the cacao, far and wide.

Love is what we all need the most. It’s cliché but true, Love heals all.

Mentorship Bonus: receive access to the digital version of Shami Oracle cards by Helen Knight: messages and guidance specifically for the highly sensitive/empath.
Yes! Cacao Priestess + Mentorship