Dreamtime Healings give you guidance to determine the missing pieces of your puzzle. You will feel the courage, strength, trust and perseverance to put the final pieces together. Step fully into your spiritual journey. Live your life’s purpose. Be more passionate. Learn to enjoy the journey as you manifest what you truly want.

A Dreamtime Healing allows you to bring forth something AMAZING from within yourself. You are willing and able to access this because of the sacred space I hold for you during your healing sessions. The outcome often translates into more self-confidence, heightened intuition, clarity, trust, faith, increase self-love and gives voice to the real you. We leave out the ‘hows’ and allow the healing energy to give birth to the magic and miracles to manifest your intentions. 090702_Telluride_CO_136

I am a Reiki Master, spirit alchemist, psychic, energy worker, clairvoyant, communicator with spirits, pet psychic and spiritual teacher. I offer clairvoyant readings and integrative, hands-on healings all in one. This powerful, uplifting, transformative energy can help you:

  • leave anxiety behind and confidently embrace the amazing spirit that you are
  • heal from PTSD and be yourself again
  • heal your heart and allow inner peace to reign
  • understand and accept that your sensitivity is a gift
  • leave an unhealthy relationship or job and find one that is nourishing and supportive
  • improve body image; start loving your body
  • learn to become neutral to your triggers
  • combat feelings of loneliness, not fitting in, loss of control and lack of self-worth
  • combat feelings of overwhelm, low self-confidence/self-love
  • overcome anger, fears, eating disorders and depression

I use a unique and personal style of transformative healing. I use touch similar to reflexology, acupressure, shiatsu and craniosacral combined with the amazing Reiki energy. I’m psychically guided by your energy, angels and spirit guides to use some or all of these modalities, thus achieving results that cannot be obtained by using one modality alone. It cleans, unblocks and balances all the chakras and your aura. This allows for messages and guidance to come in for you. Your powerful intentions are key to accessing the magic of the healing energy and allowing your intentions to come to fruition.

Pet Healings/Readings ~ Is your pet:

  • chewing through everything in the house?
  • barking non-stop?
  • under the weather?
  • ready to cross over?
  • challenged with changes in the home?
  • jealous of your partner or baby?
  • Daily Camera writes about Dreamtime Healings for pets. Click here.

I offer readings/healings for you and your pet. I communicate with them to see what they need or want to feel safe, well and peaceful again. Click here for more information.

Psychic Readings: click here


Contact Helen

Well, looks like I had my miracle.

Dori and I are back together. I told her I want to stay with her for life. She wants the same…

I can’t thank you enough for all your help!!!

John Hawkins, Louisville, CO Financial consultant

My work with Helen was both profound and transformative…and I still carry the sense of personal harmony gained in my sessions with her.

Alisa Clickenger Motor Adventure Gal, Diamond Bar, CA

I have been working with Helen the past 8 months. Her energy work sessions have helped me transform and heal on many levels emotionally and physically. I am so very grateful to have discovered her, she has a beautiful gift.

Jill Restaurant Owner, Boulder Colorado

About 5 months ago I was going through a breakup and decided to seek alternative methods to therapy such as Reiki, so I went to Helen to heal and find some direction in my life. After the first session I immediately felt more uplifted and excited about life, and as time went on my attitude and emotions were much improved. Working with Helen has been such a joy and it has become one of my favorite ways to rejuvenate and reconnect with myself and my spirituality. Helen is a very skilled healer, beautiful soul, and I have felt comfortable with her since day one. I HIGHLY recommend Helen if you’re looking for a spiritual healer or even just to try something new. You will be amazed with the results!!!

Grace Malknecht college student, Boulder, CO

Thanks to Helen, I have dropped my anitdepressants. I’ve had many enlightening experiences with the Reik energy and have been able to rid myself from unnecessary guilt.She is always upbeat and very positive. The tips she has given me for having a positive life experience are invaluable.

Lynne Stoecker Retiree, Lafayette, CO

I met Helen Knight at a health seminar several years ago. She was the first person with whom I had a serious conversation about alternative methods of healing and particularly with Reiki. Since that introduction, and partly because of her passion and knowledge on the subject, I have pursued my own ‘healing path’ through Reiki. More recently, I’ve had the opportunity to have regular Dreamtime Healing sessions with her for the past 6 months or so. Working with her has helped me tremendously on many levels. Her techniques are powerful and her intuition and insights are amazing. There is so much that impresses me about Helen’s Dreamtime Healing practice. She continues to add to her knowledge and skill through ongoing training in different methods and modalities, deepening her healing work through clairvoyance, psychic and intuitive counseling and related healing techniques. In addition, her background in elementary education and work with children both as a teacher and Reiki practitioner, her expanded world view through extensive travel, and her passion for making a difference in her client’s lives, all contribute to her unique, effective and powerful sessions. To be honest, I would have to say that Dreamtime Healing with Helen have given me some of the most powerful and transformational healing experiences of my life.

Scott Goddard Handyman, Boulder, CO

I’ve been working with Helen for almost 2 years. I don’t really know why I reached out to her in the first place, but she has changed my life forever and truly opened my eyes to possibilities that I didn’t necessarily believed existed. I see the world so differently than I did. My Reiki healings were a big comfort to me while I was in the midst of my father’s downward spiral over the last few months. They prepared me for a loss I couldn’t comprehend. I was very close to my Dad and still feel close, closer than I would had Helen and I never crossed paths.

Kirk Kringle Financial Advisor-Wealth Management

I have had four appointments with Helen so far. I have felt a huge lifting of past traumas, angers, and old lingering emotions. Remarkably, I have had a shift so that I have had many great encounters with people I had felt estranged from, I had unexpected sources of money drift in and have started to date a man that I think embodies the caliber of character I have been seeking. I feel like Helen has opened a door for my dreams to come drifting through. I’m at peace which is unusual to me having a high anxiety career field. I look forward to continuing my journey with Helen and encourage anyone feeling “stuck” in their life to seek her out.  Helen is simply amazing. Her welcoming, wonderful personality will put you at ease and allow miracles to manifest for you too.

CK Emergency Operator, Boulder, CO